How To Remove Tire From Rim With Machine

People often need to remove a tire from the rim by themselves. It might be the middle of the road or a long way from the garage. In addition, the cost of removing tires by the professionals is too high for a common person. That is why every car owner needs to know how to remove a tire from the rim. Do you know how to remove the tire from the rim? Oops, you don’t know, that is why you are here right?

Well, don’t worry. In this article, I am going to write how you can remove the tire and I hope after reading this article you will be able to remove tires. So without further talk, let’s get started.

The Things Will You Need

  • Dish soap
  • Tire bead breaker
  • Three tire irons
  • Tire removal equipment
  • Screwdrivers
  • Straps (to hold tires in place during work)
  • Tire jack
  • Core removal tool
  • Wrench

Once you have all these elements, it is now time to start removing tire by following these steps

Step 1: Take Out The Tire From The Car

The first thing you will need to do is to take out the tire that you need to remove from the rim. You can simply do that with the use of best impact wrench or tire jack. Just remove all the bolts. One question comes here when people remove the tire bolts, that is, in what pattern should I remove the tire bolts.

The best and perfect pattern is X pattern. After that, you need to deflate the tire. Cut the interior of your car tire by using the core removal tool. You have done the first step successfully. Now simply put the tire on the ground and hold the tire with the straps in the place where you are going to use tire bead breaker.

Step 2: De-beading Tire

Maybe you know that the tire is joined to the rim with high-quality glue and a tight seal so that the tire does not fall off. That is why, when you will remove the tire from the rim, you will need to remove the glue as well as that tight seal. In order to do that, you can use a bead breaker. Don’t know where to get this item? Well, you can buy a bead breaker from any auto supply store.

Also, some people use the crowbar or other equipment in order to disengage the bead of the tire, but you can do it other ways I think. The lever might need a big push and squeeze to dismantle the bead of the tire. Also, you need to try several times for breakage since the seal is highly tight. When you see the tire starts sliding off from tire rim, your work is done for step 2. You can move forward to the last step.

One more way I can suggest you to de-bead the tire. You can drive your car over the deflated tire. If you can do that several times, you will be able to break the seal for sure. So I don’t know which matter suits you best but whatever method you choose, the car method, or using the crowbar method, you can de-bead the tire.

Step 3: Removing The Tire From The Rim With Machine

Once you have broken down the seal, you can do the rest of the removing by your hand easily. Simply make a gap between the rim and tire by using a tire iron. You can use dish soap as oil or lubricant to make the tire gently slip off from its current location.

How To Remove A Tire From The Rim

One more thing, you have to distance the three tire irons equally apart from tire rim. Then apply the dish soap on each and every gaps you have created with tire irons. Now work in your own way to remove the tire off from the rim with the help of the combination of tire irons as and pliers.

You need to know that sometimes, you might give extra push or force in order to pull out the tire from the rim. When you have completed pulling out one side of the tire, it will be much easier to pull out the other side of the tire from the rim. Simply repeat the process and you are done.

Final Verdict

It is always a better option to go to the professionals for this kind of work. This will save you time and effort. But when you see the cost of removing a tire from the rim, you will think that it is a better option to do it yourself. As you can see, it is not that much tough. What you need is a few pieces of equipment and a little bit of effort.

If you have time, then I think you surely do it by yourself. It will be a great joy and if you do it at least once in a life, your confidence will go high and in future, if you need this skill in any kind of emergency, thank me.

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Here is a video of removing a tire from a rim with Tire Machine:

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