How To Make Your Exhaust Sound Louder and Deeper

Many owners of autos these days are preferred to make their exhaust sound louder. Making an exhaust sound louder means improving the car exhaust in such a way, that it sounds deeper when the car starts or accelerates.

Questions may arise “Why would people want to do it anyway?” Well, there are different reasons behind doing this. Some do it because louder exhaust sound shows how powerful their engine is. And there are others who do it out of prestige issues. But maybe the funniest yet convincing reason is, it alerts the pedestrians that something monstrous is after them.

So, let’s take you through the different ways that’ll show you how to make your exhaust louder.

Exhaust Sound Improvement

The exhaust must be ensured of a ‘free to flow’ system for the sound increment. The system is also beneficial to the overall engine performance.

There are four key parts that exhaust sound depends on. The size of the engine is among them before anything else. It’s the engine size that determines whether the exhaust sound will be higher or lower. Quite naturally, a bigger engine produces a higher and deeper sound.

So the simplest solution is to go for a bigger engine as a replacement for what you already have. It’ll be a quick solution in getting a louder sound regarding you can deal with all the common difficulties.

But since the risk of possible hazards is always there while replacing an engine, I won’t suggest doing so. So, the decision possibly wouldn’t be the smartest one out there. Here’s what I suggest.

  1. Replace the Muffler: Three key components are there to replace when it comes to improving the exhaust sound. The Sound Muffler is definitely one of them. In general, the manufacturers design the muffler of a car to be as much sound absorbing as possible. This is the reason why the factory-installed mufflers don’t produce that much sound output. So, you have to have it replaced for louder sound outputs.

make your exhaust louder

The factory-installed mufflers come with some s-type compartments. They are designed in a particular way that forces the exhaust to spend longer periods while getting out. The heat and the sound get absorbed while they pass through those s-type compartments. In this way, the sound becomes lower.

The exhaust comes out directly on the other hand when you replace it and install a straight muffler. With a straight muffler, the chances of sound absorption are less than that of a stock muffler. Thus, you can achieve a comprehensive improvement in sound performance.

Not only a straight exhaust increases the sound performance, but it also improves the overall performance of your vehicle. The tortuous exhausts often prevent a larger part of polluted air to come out. The engine cannot perform its best this way. Straight exhausts, in contrast, help get the polluted air out and let in the fresh air. It makes the car engine perform a lot better.

Before replacing the muffler, we recommend seeking the advice of a professional who’ll help you choose the muffler.

  1. Add or Replace the Exhaust Tip: If you’re thinking about how to make your car sound louder on the cheap, this is definitely one of the cheapest methods for increasing the exhaust sound of a vehicle. When you install the exhaust tip anew, your vehicle gets an added aesthetic value along with an increased exhaust sound. There are different kinds of sound-amplifying exhaust tips in the market to choose from. Particularly, tips with larger diameters flared ends, or dual walls are great amplifiers that improve the sound of your exhaust.

Exhaust tips come in plenty of design variations. So, make sure you buy a tip that goes with the look of your car besides increasing the exhaust sound.

  1. Increase the Bore of the Exhaust Pipe: The exhaust cannot produce too much sound with too narrow a pipe. With a wider exhaust pipe, on the other hand, the sound faces fewer obstacles for free flow. This way, it really helps to increase the exhaust sound when you increase the diameter of the pipe.

Consider adding inches to your exhaust pipe diameter for a roaring deep exhaust sound. This can be done when you replace the muffler as well. But, be careful not to increase the diameter that much. Half an inch or a whole inch is good enough for the job. Do make sure that the replacement pipe fits your car precisely for you may face troubles in the future with an improperly fit pipe.

  1. Connect Welded Hangers to the Exhaust System: Some exhaust systems hang from vehicles with a rubber mount. In such cases, the vibrations that are transferred through the exhaust systems get dampened. A direct connection with the welded hangers makes sure the passengers hear the exhaust vibrations.

You may replace the direct welds with a rubber-connected free-hanging suspension system if you prefer a louder exhaust sound that doesn’t reach the passenger chamber. The vibration will dampen during the connection. You can also use sound stifling insulators like sound mats for sound dampening.        

  1. Use Turbo Chargers: Some vehicle manufacturers offer turbochargers that not only increase the exhaust sound but also improve the overall performance. But it should be kept in mind that your vehicle must be compatible with turbochargers since not all vehicle types support them.




Among all these ways, you may choose any according to your preference. But be sure it suits your car and doesn’t cause any harm. Don’t go for cheap tools or parts. I always recommend consulting a professional before you give it a go.

Final Verdict

Increasing the exhaust sound of heavier vehicles has become quite a trend nowadays. No matter why you’ll want to improve your car’s exhaust sound, you must ensure you do it precisely. Improper installation or fittings may result in long-term damage to your vehicle. So be careful with that. And I highly discourage going for a cheap workshop.

Follow trusted sources and find a trusted workshop for satisfactory results. But if you want to do it by yourself then, you can go for this Muffler manufactured by Flowmaster. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.

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Michael Hall - February 11, 2021

Hi I am not new at cars but I am new at enhancing my exhaust note. I just want a throughly note , not deafening! Thanks Micky

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john Callen - July 1, 2023

While some drivers prefer their cars/trucks to make more noise, other drivers and folks who like quiet neighborhoods are a lot less enchanted. Doesn’t take much study to spot someone in a parking who’s walking toward a noisy car. I won’t elaborate, but most people recognize the similarities.


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