The 10 Best Shop Stool to Buy in 2024 | For Garage & Workbench

Professional mechanics desire to have their own set of mechanics stool with a certain quality or specific feature, but what is the best shop tool for you?

You may think of some special features for your very own garage work stool, but strength, durability, and portability are some of the key aspects you surely don't wanna miss!

As you surf the internet for a simple stool chair, you are showered with a variety of options. How do you make the decision whether you are gonna pick the heavy duty shop stool with wheels or the mechanic's roller seat with a tool tray?

Tough choice, isn't it? Here, we are going to help you find not only the best workshop stool but also the ideal rolling stool that will fit with your garage work. From this best heavy duty mechanic stool review and the key features, you will definitely find the ideal automotive mechanic stool that you have always dreamt of.

Comparison of 10 Best Shop Stool 

Are you in a hurry? and don't have the time to read all the products description? no worries. You can pick your desired best shop stool from the following table. I've made it look short and easier for your convenience.




Weight Capacity



# 1

275 lbs

# 2
330 lbs


# 3
Sunex Tools

300 lbs


# 4
Nothern tool roller seat with tool tray
Northern Tool

300 lbs

# 5

400 lbs


# 6

480 lbs


# 7

350 lbs

# 8

300 lbs


# 9
WEN 73012 300-Pound Capacity Pneumatic Rolling Mechanic Stool Seat

300 lbs


# 10

300 lbs


The 10 best shop stool reviews

Just like you, I was also struggling to find a heavy-duty rolling stool for my garage. Though there are numerous mechanics work stools with outstanding features from top brands, I just could find the one I was looking for. After spending 72 hours of research, I have handpicked only the truly best mechanics stool that the users are satisfied with.

The essential features and real users' honest reviews have encouraged me to choose these products for review. And, from my review, you will get the exclusive information that no one has shared yet.

Read to know more...

1. Dewalt Padded Rolling Garage shop Stool - Editor's Choice

If you are familiar with tools and accessories manufacturers, you must know Dewalt is one of the leading brands in this business. Out of many of their high-quality stool seats, let me introduce you with one of the best mechanics chairs with a tool tray.

Starting with the build quality, you will be happy to know that from top to bottom, the shop tool is constructed with strong and sturdy steel material. So, it's made to last long and has the capacity to withstand up to 300 lbs. However, steel material is prone to rust and corrosion.


Hence, to avoid such issues and protect your stool, the chair is coated with an industrial-grade powder-coated finish. So, the color won't fade or chip after a long time.

Besides, the rack at the bottom also works as the footrest, which is adjustable. It means you can level the pad to rest your foot and keeping the tools nearby at the same time.

So, undoubtedly just like any other good shop stool, you can enjoy 360 degrees swiveling sitting in a comfortable padded seat while resting your necessary tools at the bottom rack of this popular Dewalt shop stool.

What we liked 

  • Doesn't require any assembly.
  • The seat is resistant to rips and tears.
  • Features a storage shelf at the bottom.
  • Made of strong and sturdy steel material overall.
  • Comes with comfortable and cozy padded seat and textured cover.

What we did not like 

  • Some users find the seat slippery.
  • Stool doesn't come with a backrest.

2. WorkPro Heavy Duty Adjustable Shop Stool - Best For professional Use

Are you looking for a high-quality stool seat that comes with an attractive price? If so, then you must check out this hydraulic shop stool from Workpro. It is also a multi-purpose stool that you can choose for regular use.

As I said, it’s a high-quality shop stool because the stool is made of steel. Not only that, the material and construction structure assures the durability of the stool. Though the chair does not come with a backrest, the soft padded seat will still give you the comfort and ease.


You can also easily adjust the height of the chair and swivel 360 degrees that assure flexibility and accelerating your work speed. One more thing, you can easily assemble the pieces at home. However, some users remark that it takes a lot of time to set up the stool, even though there is an instruction manual.

What we liked 

  • Budget-friendly shop stool.
  • Can withstand up to 330 lbs.
  • Steel material and structure built to last.
  • Features adjustable height and suitable for tall users.
  • Comes with a swiveling seat for maximum flexibility.

What we did not like 

  • Takes time to assemble.
  • Does not come with a backrest or wheel.

3. Sunex Rolling Shop Stool with Wheels - Best Comfort

Sunex Tool makes one of the top-rated and the best adjustable shop stool that comes with all the features you need. This rolling work seat with a tool tray will make your job easy and convenient no matter where you work.

Starting from the tool tray to the top, each section of the shop stool is made of top quality material. Also, the casters are made of high-quality material that you can expect to use this shop stool for years. Not only that, but the tractor seat also gives you the comfort and flexibility to move around along with your tool tray.


So, all you need to do is gather all the tools you need in the tray and begin to work sitting on the stool. Now, you can work all day long throughout your garage without moving from the seat. Such a convenient and comfortable stool, isn't it?

What we liked 

  • Can withstand up to 300 lbs.
  • Features tractor seat for comfort and flexibility.
  • Comes with a sturdy tool tray and back support.
  • Chrome finished casters with rubber feet for mobility.
  • Easy height adjustment with nitrogen filled lift cylinder.

What we did not like 

  • The pneumatic rolling stool comes with a little back support.

4. Northern Tool Adjustable Shop Stool with Backrest - Best Value

Northern Tool makes one of the best shop stool with backrest that will blow your mind with its appearance. The black shop stool is very stylish looking that will accentuate the interior of your garage. Not only that, the build quality and other features are also encouraging the users to purchase this stool.

To begin with, the heave duty rolling stool is a multi-purpose stool that you can use for garage, regular shop, workshop, and so on. Hence, the steel-based material assures the sturdiness and durability of the item so that you can use it casually for any purposes. Then, to add comfort to your regular usage, the stool comes with a padded vinyl seat and backrest.

Nothern tool roller seat with tool tray

Additionally, you can also adjust the height of the stool easily with the one hand with the hydraulic adjustment lever depending on the variation of the height of the user. One of the astonishing facts is, this stool does not come with wheels, but you can still swivel it 360 degrees.

And, finally, the rubber feet will help you stay stable on the stool without damaging the floor on any surface you work on.

So, are you interested in checking out this simple yet amazing garage stool with backrest by Northern tool?

What we liked 

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Stylish and trendy design.
  • This heavy duty stool can withstand up to 400 lbs.
  • Features adjustable and small backrest.
  • Comes with an innovative swiveling seat.

What we did not like 

  • The seat seems small for some users.

5. Traxion 2-700 ProGear Rolling Work Stool with Wheels - Best Overall

Here is another multi-purpose stool that you can also consider as garage stool with wheels. The design and color combination is attractive in the first appearance. And, the functionality assures mobility, and flexibility to work on any environment.

One of the remarkable aspects of this stool is the racing seat. You can sit here and work for hours without stressing your back or muscle. Also, it comes with a large gear tray that you can spin to pick the tool you need.


Then, the caster wheels assure stability, mobility, and flexibility to move around with your stool anywhere. They are also made of nylon and synthetic rubber for longevity. Tighten the screws properly before use.

What we liked 

  • Attractive design.
  • Can withstand up to 400 lbs.
  • Comes with a large spinning gear tray.
  • Comfortable seat design inspired by race seat.
  • Features a carry handle for mobility and portability.

What we did not like 

  • Price is too high compared to the utility.
  • Assembling the parts seem troublesome for users.

6. Whiteside Mechanics Stool with Back - Best for Heavy duty use

Here is another garage chair with wheels that you must check out. It's one of the best rolling shop stools with wheels in terms of quality and a very stylish design.

First of all, the black lavish designed stool will immediately grab your attention. The black seat with backrest and a black tray with black casters bring an aristocratic look. Then, the sturdy steel frame not only assures durability but also complements the design as a whole.


If you are looking for a mechanics seat with wheels, this is the one. As a bonus, you are also getting a tractor seat with adjustable cylinders. Overall, it's a convenient stool that is also easy to maintain clean and tidy.

What we liked 

  • Fashionable design.
  • Stool resistant to oil.
  • Made of strong steel frame.
  • Features tractor seat with adjustable hydraulic cylinder.

What we did not like 

  • Packaging needs more attention and safety.

7. Mychanic Roller Seat with Tool Tray - best Features

Here I suggest another best mechanic rolling stool, and this time it's from Mychanic. The most significant feature of this stool is you can get a high-quality stool seat at an amazing price.

Though it's not a regular garage stool with back, it certainly is a handy and comfortable shop stool suitable for garage work. The padded seat will give you the comfort, and the tool tray will keep your wrenches, screwdrivers always organized.


Overall, the stool is made of high-quality material. Unlike most shop stool, it additionally comes with a socket organizer and cup holder. Overall, it’s an amazing shop stool that will be convenient at work.

What we liked 

  • Can withstand up to 350 lb.
  • Features sturdy and durable 3-inch casters.
  • Suitable to work on rough and uneven surfaces.

What we did not like 

  • Wheels glide too easily can be troublesome while working in a hurry.

8. Pro-Lift C-3001 Pneumatic Rolling Shop Stool with Tool Tray - Best Choice

Here is another pneumatic shop stool that is designed with a rolling toolbox seat with a built-in tool tray by Pro-Lift. As you can see, the appearance of the stool is engaging that you immediately want to have it in your garage.

The chair comes with a height-adjustable handle right beneath the seat. So, you can adjust the height from 15 to 20 inches easily and quickly whenever you need to. Then, the stability of the stool is assured with the same dimension of tool tray parallel to the seat and 5 swivel casters.


Overall, it's a lightweight and easily portable stool that is made of sturdy material. The convenient tray and the smooth casters give you all the feasibility to work comfortably in any atmosphere.

What we liked 

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Can withstand up to 300 lbs.
  • Features rolling seat with a convenient tool tray.
  • The seat comes with reinforced vinyl covered cushion.

What we did not like 

  • Stability can be an issue varying type of surfaces.

9. Wen Pneumatic Rolling Mechanic Stool with Wheels - Best Budget

My 9th best garage roller seat is from the famous brand WEN. Though the design may seem known to you, the internal mechanism makes the actual difference in quality.

Starting from the build quality, it's a 300 lbs capacity pneumatic stool that makes it an ideal and sturdy low rolling stool. For utmost comfort, the seat comes with multi-layer padding and thick vinyl wrapped cushion.

WEN 73012 300-Pound Capacity Pneumatic Rolling Mechanic Stool Seat

Additionally, the durable swiveling casters are set for the Omni-directional movement. So, you can easily get access to the right tools you need. Also, you get to adjust the height if you need to check under the car or inside the bonnet.

What we liked 

  • Sturdy and durable construction overall.
  • Swiveling casters for Omni-directional movement.
  • Comfortable vinyl protected multi-layered padding seat.
  • Features high adjustable hand and onboard tool storage tray.

What we did not like 

  • Need to improve build quality for professional use.

10. PowerBuilt Heavy Duty Roller Mechanics Seat and Brake Stool - Best Design

For the final pick, I have chosen this mechanics stool with back from Powerbuilt. This brand is leading the tools and equipment business for the past 38 years, assuring quality and innovation. In fact, it's one of the best adjustable shop stools from this brand that I couldn't help but choose for you.

From the design to build quality, it certainly is a stool for professional mechanics. The one aspect that sets this stool apart is the design. You can comfortably sit on the wide seat, and you won't need any backrest.


Also, you won't have any issue of stability or maneuverability as it comes with 4" diameter rubber wheels. They can roll over on any surfaces smoothly. You can also lock the wheel at a certain place and work for hours. It's also very handy that you can work in indoor and outdoor places.

What we liked 

  • Innovative design for professional use.
  • Features caster wheels with locking system.
  • Strong and sturdy due to the steel tube frame.
  • 18" long and 10" wide comfortable non-slip seat.
  • Comes with a full length pull out drawer and removable trays.

What we did not like 

  • Storage section seems insufficient for a few users.

How to Buy the Best Shop Stool for Garage or Workbench?

No matter what type of workbench tool you prefer, the key strategy to find the best rolling shop stool is to look at some of the mandatory features to evaluate its quality.

Below I am discussing some of the features that must be present in your targeted garage stool chair. These features will not only help you find a high-quality shop stool but also consider your health benefit.


The first and foremost thing you need to pay attention to is the design of the stool. AS you already know, each stool is very different in terms of design and features. So, pay attention to the design, functionality, and purpose of each feature. In coordination of all these three aspects, is the stool going to be comfortable and flexible for your garage work?

Foot Rest 

Whether or not to have a footrest in your garage bar stool is a personal preference. Some professionals prefer footrest, whereas some don't. But, having a footrest will always help you to stay relaxed, giving comfort to your legs throughout when you are fixing cars in a sitting position for a long time.

Seat Backrest

Let me assure you, a garage stool with backrest is bliss. A simple backrest will help you maintain good posture. Also, it will support your lumber so that you don't have back pain after spending hours sitting in one position.


Are you looking for mechanics stool with wheels? Then you must pay attention to every detail of the wheel, starting from quality to construction. Make sure the wheels are made of top quality material like heavy-duty casters. They swivel or roll smoothly and last long.

Also, check out whether the wheels are easy to remove debris, dirt, and run on all types of floor. And, for safety, make sure the wheels are lockable when used.

Weight Capacity

Regardless of the brands, every roller seat for the garage comes with a certain weight capacity. To be on the safe side and use your stool for years, you should pick no less than 500 lb capacity shop stool. The more capacity, the better.

Tool Tray

Mechanic's roller seat with tool tray is another cool feature you should look for. You may have seen plenty of such types of shop tools. But, a magnetic tool tray will be easy and convenient for professional work.


Considering comfort in your chosen professional mechanics rolling seat is an essential feature. Nobody wants to get a body ache or back pain after hours of garage work. Hence, to ease the pain and ensure comfort, some roller seats are created with an ergonomic design. They assure the utmost comfort-ability just as your body needs.

So, considering your own comfort preference, you can choose pneumatic stool or padded rolling seat with tool tray and some additional features.


If you want to ensure a one-time investment on the best rolling garage stool, then you must focus on its durability. Durability depends on the material used in manufacturing the stool.

So, to understand the durability, you must check out the material of the cover, how the legs are made, padding of the chair or quality of the hydraulic lift, and so on. These small specifications will help you understand the durability easily.


Last but not least, you should also consider the budget, although you should not be fixated with the amount you have decided. Otherwise, you can miss the top quality one for a few dollars. And the good news is, within 100 dollars or so, you can find a heavy-duty mechanics seat with wheels.


Q) What are the best brands for shop stool? 

Answer: You can find many renowned brands that are manufacturing top quality shop stool. Among them, some of the trustworthy brands for creating innovative shop stools are Dewalt, Workpro, Traxion, Wen, and so on.

Q) What is the best shop stool with a backrest? 

Answer: Well, it's difficult to say when there are many such shop stools from renowned brands. However, from my research and understanding, I find Traxion 2-700 ProGear Rolling Work Stool with Backrest is quite famous and preferred among users.

Q) What is the best workbench stool that is also budget-friendly? 

Answer: No one should ever prioritize budget over quality; however, everyone wants to invest in the stool that is worth the money. When you are looking for a budget-friendly workbench stool, you can check out this WORKPRO Heavy Duty Adjustable Hydraulic Shop Stool. It comes with all the necessary features you would require.

Q) How can I assemble garage workshop stools at home?

Answer: The workshop stool comes with an instruction manual. However, not all of them are reader-friendly. Usually, you can assemble such a stool at your own garage with the help of tutorials from YouTube.

Final Verdict

As you have seen, 10 of the Best Shop Stool from diverse brands with different qualities and price ranges, it's time to make the final purchase. Before you do so, please remember that a shop stool is for your comfort and accelerating your productivity by reducing physical stress.

So, pick the right one that you require, and the above-mentioned key features will help you do so.

Did I forget anything? Please let me know on the comment section. We would be really happy to hear back from you.

Stay tuned to know more about automotive and gears at The Grabbable. Ride Safe!

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