The 10 Best Portable Air Compressor Pump For Tires 2021

Having the precise amount of pressure in your vehicle tires is important. It must be very frustrating when the tires are low in pressure, and there isn’t any filling station nearby.

If you fear falling into such an adverse situation, keeping the best portable air compressor pump can be a great solution.

Air compressors come to your rescue whenever your car tires get deflated out of nowhere in some unfavorable location. Apart from tire inflations, they come really handy when you need to run air powered tools.

Many companies are manufacturing automotive air compressors these days. You’ll find a wide range of portable air compressors in the market. There are variations in their types, quality, mechanism, power options, and price.

In this article, we’ll introduce you with 10 of the most reliable and heavy duty portable air compressors.

We’ve researched, tested and gone through their nooks and crannies so that you can easily figure out if they’re good for you. We’ll focus on their key features, benefits and more.

Hopefully, in the end, you’ll be able to choose the right one.




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Electric Powered
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Corded Electric

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Air Armor

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Vehicle Battery

Top 10 Best Portable Air Compressor Reviews

Air compressors are one of the most essential things that you should always carry with your vehicle. Choosing an air compressor is a confusing part. So we have tested more than 19 air compressors and came up with a list of 10 best portable air compressor especially for your car tires.

So, let's begin!

This best compact air compressor comes within a size that is relatively more convenient to carry and use than most others on our list. This has to be one of the best portable air compressor on the market as well.

For its lightweight design, it’s a complete device that you can carry with you wherever you go. It’s wise to keep one of these units in your car for you never know when you’ll be requiring a powerful machine like this.

Porter Cable Air Compressor Reviews

It weighs 26 lbs. But you’ll be surprised to see its portability. It’s lightweight design never lets you worry about the carrying. Besides, it doesn’t require that much a maintenance.

This Pancake shaped machine boasts a high-grade oil-free pump that lasts long enough to endure ages of constant use. With its 3.5-gallon tank and a maximum PSI of 135, you can use it for lengthy intervals.

Unlike other small portable air compressors, which require a lengthy recovery period after heavy uses, this model recovers faster.

If you’ve experienced air compressor failure in cold weather before, then I have good news. This particular device suits all the weathers and environments, thanks to its 120-Volt motor. An extension cord comes within the package which adds up to its overall convenience.

The cheap yet powerful heavy duty 120v air compressor works like a breeze. It hardly produces annoying noise compared to other similar products.

However, some of the users have complained about air leakage. It’s definitely an issue since achieving pressure depends on the direction of the air.

Apart from the complaints of a few users, this machine has reviews more on the positive side. This best small portable air compressor has become quite famous due to its price, convenience, durability and of course work rate.

This could be a great device for air-flow based operations. Overall, This is one of the top affordable air compressor pump if you've a limited budget.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Compact, lightweight design.
  • This best oil-less air compressor pump is durable enough to last long without any maintenance.
  • Runs on 120-V low amp motor.
  • With 90 PSI pump, the 3.5-gallon tank, and maximum PSI of 135, it runs consistently for a long time with quicker recovery.
  • Comes with versatility.
  • Rubber feet to prevent unwanted movements.

The Drawbacks:

  • The possibility of air leakages.
  • Harder to get a hold and lift.

2. Makita 2.0HP Air Compressor Pump - Good For Your Tires

This high-performance Makita 2.0 HP air compressor boasts a piston and a pump cylinder engineered with the manufacturer’s Big Bore engineering. It helps deliver higher output, limited noise, and enhanced performance. It’s able to provide the user with industry standard power and durability in tougher working situations.

A 2.0 HP motor powers this MAC700 model. Its pump has a cast iron cylinder with a bigger bore, thanks to the Big Bore engineering. It has a greater stroke for improved compression as well as quicker recovery and limited noise. The cast iron structure has been engineered to retain its durability even under tough conditions.

Makita Horizontal Air Compressor

This machine has the best oil-lubricated air compressor, and it’s furnished with a big automotive styled filter that increases the air intakes with great efficiency. The high-quality air compressor runs cool and smooth with hardly any overheating. 

This best quiet air compressor also makes lesser noise than most of its other competitors. It comes with a 2.6-gallon tank that can sustain a maximum of 130 PSI while it’s able to deliver 40 PSI to 90 PSI. The low AMP prevents any voltage drops that may result in motor failures.

The device has a roll bar handle that provides easier portability with additional safety. It also helps the unit withstand adverse job site conditions.

It includes an oil-drain, an oil sight glass, and a drain valve to supersede standard peacock design for flexible maintenance. A finned discharge tube is also among its features that help dissipate heat more effectively.

This much efficient heavy-duty Makita air compressor is engineered for higher outputs, less noise, and little maintenance. This is a best electric portable air compressor pump for jeep tires, car tires or truck tires etc. It is an example of Makita’s classy engineering and ingenious technology.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Cast iron constructed pump comes with big bore piston and cylinder.
  • Greater stroke and bore render high-performance.
  • Efficient and smooth running pump causes less noise.
  • The low AMP prevents any voltage drops that may result in motor failures.
  • The oil-lubricated pump prevents any overheating.
  • 2.6-gallon tank sustains a maximum of 130 PSI.

The Drawbacks:

  • Heavyweight.

3. Kensun 12V Small Air Compressor - Best Handheld

Kensun is a brand renowned for manufacturing quality industrial and household tools. They’ve made this top rated portable air compressors which offers the users quality with the assurance of high-performance.

There haven’t been many complaints regarding this product among the users we can make sure you of that.

This mini portable air compressor brings versatility within itself. It boasts some functionalities that surely surpasses the ability of the other similar air compressors. It has been made to get acclimated to both home use and car environments. 

Kensun Micro Air Compressor

You can connect it at home with an AC wall socket while it allows you to connect to DC with the help of the cigarette lighter outlet in your car. With these two options available, you’ll be able to use the device anywhere.

The package offers you to choose between different attachment nozzles. This is an impressive feature that makes it more versatile. Which means you can use this best small, compact air compressor for multiple functionalities. 

With this, you’ll no longer have to struggle to find something different every time you need to inflate some inflatables.

This best air compressor can provide up to 90 PSI of pressure. It’ll inflate flat tires within 5 minutes. It can work continuously for 30 minutes before it needs to cool down. The air compressor has an LCD display that shows the active PSI. 

The display also allows you to preset the ideal pressure for your inflatable items. This best car air compressor ensures your convenience while working in the dark with a built-in LED flashlight.

Weighing just 5 lbs, this compact air compressor can be a quick and lightweight solution for you. The product, however, may not be ideal for heavier use. Overall, This is one of the best 12v portable air compressor for tires.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile air compressor. Lets you connect to both AC and DC outlets.
  • Multiple attachment nozzles are included for various inflation purposes.
  • The LCD display helps to get accurate readings.
  • LED flashlight for convenient use in the dark.
  • Lightweight device. Easy to carry design.
  • 23.6” hose, 5 ft 10 inch AC cable, and 10 ft 9.9 inch DC cable.
  • 30L/min air flow rate with 14-140°F operating temperature.

The Drawbacks:

  • A few users had issues with the LCD display.
  • Air-flow rate doesn't remain constant.

This highly efficient DeWalt DWFP55126 pancake air compressor is a device that’s able to beat cold weather. The environment is not even an issue for this ideal air compressor. The heavy-duty machine gives you consistent working hours with quick recoveries.

Some other obvious benefits include maximum PSI of 165 and 6-gallon tank. The universal motor runs on 120-V. 

Some user may still find that it’s lacking some punch for its limited usage. This automotive air compressor pump works at just 75-½ dB, making it quieter an option for indoor uses, unlike its competitors.

DEWALT Large Air Compressor

A console cover protects this unit’s controls. The model can serve two users simultaneously, thanks to the two of the universal couplers it possesses. Also, a high flow regulator helps maximize its performance. The device is compact in design and weighs just 30 pounds for easily moving around. This strongly built product has used high-quality components.

This top air compressor comes with a convenient cord wrap that allows you easy storage. The protective rubber foot covers underneath helps prevent any damage.

However, this best portable air pump specializes in smaller everyday jobs like tire inflations, sports balls inflation, nailing gun operations etc. It’s easier a machine to use that isn’t too heavy or noisy. It provides good all-around performance that is worth mentioning.

Although the 6-gallon best portable air tank limits its usages, the machine serves decent overall.

If you are searching for a best 120V heavy duty portable air compressor for your RV tires, car, jeep, truck and for home garage usage, then this could be your right option.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Compact design, small in size.
  • Highly efficient motor starts up easily in cold weather.
  • Suitable for home garage.
  • Provides relatively quiet operation.
  • Maximum pressure of 165 PSI.
  • The air compressor Capable of powering most of the air tools.
  • 6-gallon tank, bigger than others, fills up quickly.

The Drawbacks:

  • Not lightweight.
  • Not suitable for painting purposes.

5. Superflow 12V Small Portable Air Compressor - Expensive Yet Powerful

This SuperFlow 12-V portable heavy duty air compressor is mainly a tire inflator from Q Industries. This 150 PSI low priced air compressor is fairly efficient and has the ability to inflate a flat tire of up to 37” diameter within 2 minutes.

It has an air flow rate of 25 liters per minute. The rate seems average though compared to the other products on our list. But its surely powerful enough for a small-sized air compressor.

This best portable air pump comes with a 10 ft power cord, a 3 ft hose, and a 24 ft coil hose that give you good enough flexibility while moving around and working. With 3 different nozzle attachments, the device handles tires, mattresses, kayaks, sports balls, and pool toys.

Any customer who’ll buy this product is bound to love the versatility it brings in such a small size.

Superflow Portable Air Compressor

However, the product failed to prove its excellence before us rather it seemed quite average. The components and features are good to pass petty tasks but they don’t just stand out.

Moreover, the air compressor is missing some key features like auto shutdown, LCD display etc. You may as well need to add some separate tools for a better service from the device.

Again, what might surprise you, we do recommend this device to those who need a faster inflating solution. It’s cheap, operates simply, and inflate your not so bigger tires fast.

The look is something I liked a lot about the product. You can pick it up if you already have good enough air pump and you’re looking for something fast working. However, This is another best air compressor to buy for your vehicle tires.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Smaller in size cheap air compressor.
  • Ability to inflate flat tires of up to 37” diameter within 2 minutes.
  • 25 L/min maximum airflow rate.
  • Maximum of 150 PSI working pressure with 90 PSI restart pressure.
  • Plugs into car cigarette lighter outlets.

The Drawbacks:

  • Average quality components.
  • No LCD gauge.
  • No auto shutdown feature.

6. Masterflow 12V Twin Air Compressor - Best for Heavy Duty Use

This model of MasterFlow heavy duty air compressor offers you twice the stroke with the double direct drive powered 30 mm pistons. It runs on a 12-volt motor. The twin cylinder air compressor provides an astonishing 5500 cubic inch of airflow every minute. It directly powers from batteries with a 10 ft power cord and 2 alligator clips.

Master flow air compressor is great for use in trucks, off-roading, and anywhere you need quick airflow's. You can also use this best twin tank air compressor around farms, ranches, and even the biggest of agricultural tires. Two different attachment nozzles and a sports ball inflation needle are included in the package for multipurpose usages.

The air compressor offers a high airflow rate. With this, a full-size truck tire can be inflated within 1.5 minutes with 25-35 PSI. A passenger car tire takes only a minute. However, the times vary on different environmental conditions.

Master Flow Air Compressors Twin Cylinder Pump

The alligator clips can be easily and quickly attached to the car battery. The device has its own duty cycle. It must remain shut down for 40 minutes after 40 minutes of consistent use. That is good enough a time to fill up to 8 tires.

It has a 16 ft hose that lets you move around with flexibility while working. With 2 attachment nozzles, and a sports ball inflating needle, the device is pretty easy to use on multiple inflatables.

A nice and convenient nylon made carry bag keeps all these components neatly arranged and helps you carry it without any trouble.

This can be a option, if you want the 12v best rated heavy-duty portable air compressor for home garage usage. Also, this one is one of the top air compressor for truck tires also.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 12-V permanently lubricated direct drive air compressor.
  • 5500 cubic inch/minute airflow allows it to inflate truck tires within 1.5 minutes.
  • Powers from batteries with alligator clips.
  • Continuously works for up to 40 minutes.
  • 8 tires can be inflated during a single time.
  • A long power cord, as well as a long hose, let you move around with flexibility.
  • Multiple attachment nozzles allow you to use it on different inflatables.

The Drawbacks:

  • May wear off with continuous usage.

Tirewell brings this 12-V air compressor that specializes in faster tire inflation. It quickly inflates your vehicle tires when leakages or insufficient air pressure flattens them. Using a direct drive high-quality motor, this pump drives the metal cylinder for a low rotation speed yet faster airflow rate.

The portable auto air compressor comes with a quality cigarette lighter that has a 15A fuse built-in. The 1.8 ft tube connects with quality screw connectors tightly to the gas mouth. Any standard vehicle tire can be inflated by this efficient air inflator within 2 minutes.

Tirewell Air Compressor For Truck Tires

Other features include battery clamps and 3 different nozzle attachment options for bicycles, pool toys, balls, sports equipment etc. A nice oxford bag carries all these components for convenient portability.

This best small air compressor will provide you with faster inflations with a maximum PSI of 150 and 2.12 CFM air flow rate. Its innovative design and technology effectively reduce the noise and vibration during operations while rubbered feet ensure its stability.

The air compressor of this Tirewell air compressor promises durability and reliability. It makes sure you maintain the precise tire pressure pretty conveniently.

This can be a perfect solution if you’re looking for something fast working at a cheaper price and the best budget portable air compressor for your car tires, as well as your truck tires and for home garage usage under 100.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Maximum of 150 PSI pressure.
  • 2.12 CFM air flow rate. Inflates standard tires within 2 minutes.
  • Double cylinder direct drive inflation pump.
  • Uses car cigarette lighter outlet for power.
  • Less noise and vibration.
  • Lightweight, therefore easier to carry.
  • Different nozzle attachments available for multiple inflations.

The Drawbacks:

  • Massive overheating issues.
  • Not that suitable for truck tires.

8. ARB 12V Air Compressor - Ultra Quiet with Anti Vibration Mechanism

If you’ve been looking for a quality air compressor suitable for your off-roading machinery, but you’re in a shortage of space, this ARB 12-V high-performance onboard twin air compressor might just be the one. The compact new air compressor has an efficient design with a lot of features to offer.

ARB has manufactured this twin on-board air compressor firstly for off-road enthusiasts. It provides them with a system that accommodates most of the air mechanized tools. No matter if you’re on a trail or in your garage, this compact air compressor is there to offer you faster inflations. It’s capable of supplying continuous airflow of up to 85 L/min at 90 PSI.

ARB Battery Operated Air Compressor

The machine has been constructed to sustain extreme conditions. It uses both military and aerospace standard materials for remarkable strength. Its motor is bolstered with ball bearing and protected thermally for providing low heat outputs and silent operations. An overpressure valve is also included to prevent any damages.

2 sintered bronze-made washable air-filters provide clean air every time in every condition. When the air flow is at maximum, you’ll find only 56 amps of consumption which is relatively low. The product comes with all the necessary hardware for smooth installation.

If you are searching for the quietest 12V small portable air compressor for your Truck tires, then this compressor can be a nice choice. Also can be used on your Car, Jeep, SUV tires and for home garage usage.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High-performance 12-V twin air compressor with a compact design.
  • Faster inflation with 85 L/min airflow rate.
  • Complete Wiring Loom included with Air Locker Solenoid Plug-Ins.
  • Anti-vibration, sound-proof mechanism.
  • Efficient design consumes only 56 amps at peak airflow.
  • Comes with 2 bronze-made sintered air filters.
  • Includes necessary mounting bolts and washers.
  • Pistons are furnished with European standard cylindrical ball bearings.

The Drawbacks:

  • Defective gauge.
  • Unsatisfactory durability.

9. Air Armor 12V Portable Air Compressor - Powerful and Reliable

Air Armor M240 is a heavy-duty portable air compressor with a maximum PSI of 120. It comes inside a water resistant, steel powder coated storage locker. The storage locker is a protective housing for the device which is also spacious enough.

With this Air Armor air compressor, you get the convenience of using your vehicle’s battery for direct power with a 25 ft hose. The nice military box includes tire parts, accessories, and tools. You’ll love the portability it offers.

Air Armor Small Air Compressor for Tires

Don’t get caught off again while you’re on the road. The M240 air compressor will back you with an arsenal of 27 different tire care, repair parts. They include a repair kit for tires, 2 gauges, 4-way valve tool, and some assortment for commonly damaged or lost tire parts.

The 12-V, high volume, direct drive air compressor has a 10 ft power cord with clips that connects to your vehicle's battery. The 40 mm device offers excellent performance in a critical pressure range of tire inflation. With an airflow rate of 2.11 CFM, it inflates a truck tire within 2 minutes while inflating a 35-inch tire from 0 to 35 PSI takes roughly 5 minutes.

A built-in gauge helps you get the correct pressure every time. This air compressor has an extended 50% of a duty cycle. The hose is long enough to conveniently reach all four tires of even the longest wheelbase automobiles.

This cool military-inspired air compressor is of pure class indeed. It's a perfect match for outdoor enthusiasts who need quick air ups on the go. This product is also one of the most powerful portable air compressor for your jeep tires, as well as passenger car, truck and SUV tires.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Cool military inspired compact design.
  • The 12-V air compressor powers directly from vehicle batteries.
  • 25 ft long service hose and 10 ft power cord for super flexibility.
  • 40 mm air compressor with an airflow rate of 2.11 CFM.
  • Inflates full-size truck tires within 2 minutes. Inflates 35” tires from 0 to 35 PSI within 5 minutes.
  • Includes a repair kit for tires, 2 gauges, 4-way valve tool, and assortment for commonly damaged or lost tire parts.
  • The nice olive colored locker works both as a protective housing and storage for the components.

The Drawbacks:

  • A few users encountered overheating issues.

Viair has brought this nice on-board air compressor system that intends to inflate tires of up to 37” and activate air horns requiring 200 PSI of pressure. This is an air compressor package with all the added-value features right inside the kit.

The on-board air compressor surely is pricey, but there's no denying that it has power more than any other of its competitors in our list.

Viair Portable Air Compressor Pump

The super heavy-duty best rated air compressor machine offers a high working pressure of 200 PSI with a 1.76 CFM airflow. Inflating bigger tires of 37-inches from 0 to 30 PSI is no big a deal for this air compressor. The job can be done easily within 8 minutes.

The most astounding feature of this pump is its working duration. It’s able to provide a continuous air flow for no less than an hour. Count the number of tires you’ll be able to inflate within this period. This good air compressor machine is powerful enough to run smaller pneumatic air tools as well.

It might be harder for you to find a suitable place for mounting this air compressor. It’s due to the massive power it possesses within a 26 x 13 x 9.9 inches dimension. But once you find one, you’ll be happier for trading its power with that minor inconvenience.

Being one of the most powerful and heavy-duty on-board air compressors in the market, the device can surely be anyone’s top choice. Overall, this top rated portable air compressor can be a best friend for your car tires, jeep tires, truck tires, RV and SUV tires and etc.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Delivers up to 200 PSI of pressure with 1.76 CFM airflow.
  • Permanent magnetic motor.
  • Capable of inflating 37” tires from 0 to 30 PSI within 8 minutes.
  • Includes all the necessary installation components for an onboard air system.
  • Allows up to 1 hr of continuous usage.

The Drawbacks:

  • Hard to mount.
  • Not great for smaller tools.

 Things to consider before buying The Best Air Compressor Pump For tires

Here are some factors you should consider before making any purchase the top portable air compressor. Please read the following details we have provided to select the right air compressor pump for your vehicle tires. So before further talking, let's start!

Best Portable Air Compressors Pump

Style and Space

Make sure your portable air compressor fits its allocated space. You can move it around anywhere since it brings portability, but still, you may have to place it in your car, garage, somewhere inside your house or anywhere. Do make sure the design goes with space. There are air compressors of vertical, pancake-shaped, box-shaped or different complex designs. Choose one wisely.


You’ll want your machine to be quieter and environment-friendly. If you work indoors your machine mustn’t make noise, if you work in a garage, a bit of noise may not be an issue. Thinking this way eliminates most of the noisy air compressors from your consideration.

Air-tools Demands

Your air compressor must keep up with your tools, machinery, and vehicles’ demands. After all, you’ll use it on several different types of them. Since you’ll never want to buy a new compressor for every different air powered components, your device should meet their requirements properly.


An air compressor must be portable indeed. Buy the one that offers you good enough flexibility to move it around. You may have to move it somewhere all on a sudden for a job, you never know. The portability depends on a machine’s weight, design, and accessories. Make no mistake checking them carefully.

PSI, Airflow and Work-rate

The horsepower of a air compressor range from 1.5-6.5. The industry standard machines go beyond this to offer you greater PSI. If your purpose is inside or around the house, the horsepower isn’t of much concern by the way. Buy a compressor that meets your PSI demand.

The airflow must be faster as well. You can call an air compressor heavy-duty if it provides you with adequate PSI at a faster airflow rate. It should also let you work continuously long enough periods.

Source of Power

If electricity is the power source you prefer, go for the portable air compressor with an electric motor. Go for a gasoline engine running on fuel or batteries if not. Never forget to check the voltage that your compressor will run on.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best portable air compressor for tires is a tough job indeed. There are too many of them in the market to choose from. It’s natural that it takes a lot of time and exploration before making a decent purchase. A compressor can be said good enough a selection based on style, type, noise, horsepower, and overall portability.

Before making a selection, do consider your purpose. Your route to a decent purchase becomes easier if you have the right knowledge. The manufacturers have put a lot of effort into producing excellent portable compressors in recent years. The air compressors have become smaller in size, more silent, and faster. Their prices have also become competitive.

There’ll always be a product for you within every level of budget.

We assume you now have a solid idea about air compressors. Our reviews should’ve made it pretty clear what it needs to be a good air compressor. You can follow our guide and choose one of the products listed above.

We’ll hope that now you can pick the best portable air compressor for tires according to your demands.

Do not worry if you are still confused about which one to choose. We have another article on portable tire inflators. But if you already made a decision then you do not have to read it. Please let me know if i can be of any further help.

Stay tuned to know more about automotive and gears at thegrabbable.com. cheers!

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