How To Remove A Tire From A Rim [Without Machine]

The biggest challenge for a car owner or driver is knowing how to remove a tire from a rim properly. And when it comes to changing a tire from a rim without a machine, everyone’s eyebrows rise high. That is why a lot of people go to the shop and professionals in order to change a tire on a rim.

But when they see the cost of the changing, they wish if they could change the tire on the rim without any machine by themselves. Here is the good news for you. You can do that by yourself and that is not a big deal. It takes a little time and effort. What you need to do is to follow the steps I am going to write down.

If you can follow these steps properly, I hope you will successfully change the tire on the rim without a machine. So no more talks, let’s get started.

Remove A Tire From A Rim (The Things You Will Need)

  1. Lubricant / Dish soap / Oil
  2. Any Tire bead breaker
  3. 3 tire irons
  4. Screwdrivers
  5. Tire removal equipment
  6. Core removal tool
  7. Wrench
  8. Tire jack

You will need these items when changing the tire. That is why I always suggest car owners keep these items at home and also when going to a long drive. Who knows, when the trouble comes, right?

Now, how to remove a tire from a rim? Yes, we will talk about it. Let’s move on to the next steps, I mean our first step.

Step 1: Pick A Good Place

The first thing you need is to select a good place where you can change the tire of your car without any trouble. I am sure you don’t want to do it in such a place, where a lot of people feel disturbed. In addition, if you need to change the tire in the middle of the road, then it is must to do work to choose a good place. Middle of the road is not a good place for changing a tire on the rim.


Step 2: Prepare The Tire For The Next Step To Change The Tire From A Car

Next thing you need to do is to take out the tire from your car. In order to do that you need to remove the tire bolts with a wrench or tire jack. The best pattern of removing bolts is X pattern. The reason I am mentioning this is that a lot of people don’ know what pattern they should use to remove the bolts.

Now it is time to deflate the tire. You know, without deflating it is impossible to remove the tire from the rim. However, if your tire is already deflated then you do not need to do this again. In order to deflate your tire, use the core removal tool. Just cut the interior of the tire by using the tool and the tire will be deflated.

Once you have finished deflating your tire, it is time to go for the next step. But before that, you need to place the tire on the plane ground where you are going to de-bead the tire. 

Step 3: Breaking The Bead Of Your Car Tire

Maybe you know that the car tire is attached to the rim by strong glue and tight seal. The reason for using the tight seal as well as the strong glue is that so that it does not fall off. Anyway, you need to break the bead of the tire now so that you can break the seal and glue that are holding the tire to the rim very tightly.

How To Remove A Tire From a Rim

To break the bead of the tire, you can either use a de-bead breaker or you can use a crowbar or other equipment. However, the best thing I find out is that you can put the tire on the ground and drive your car over the tire several times. This works great and you need less effect to do that.

One question comes here that how many times do you need to drive the car over the tire? The answer is that until the tire starts sliding off from the rim. When you see the tire is sliding off from the rim, you can stop.

Step 4: Removing A Tire From A Rim Without Any Machine

Once you have broken the glue and seal, it is time for removing the tire from a rim. To do that, you need to prepare the tire irons so that you can end up removing tires without any scratches. Put the tire iron inside a bicycle tube. This will help.

Removing the tire from the rim

Now, with the help of your newly prepared tire iron, simply create a gap between the rim and tire. When creating a gap, you may use any kind of lubricant or oil or dish soap to the rim area so that you can make the tire slipped off easily from its own location. Since you have taken three tire irons, use them. Distance the 3 tire irons equally apart from the oily rim. Use more oil if necessary.

Work your way into separating the tire off by using the combination of screwdrivers and tire irons. You need to put extra effort in this stage. But please, don’t give up. Give extra force and pull out the tire. You are done removing the tire.

Step 5: Apply Some Grease

Since you are going to add a new tire on the rim, it is a good idea to apply some grease to the inner side of the tire. This will make the job easier for you. Also, you can use washing liquid instead of grease if you don’t have grease. But remember, apply enough amount of dish liquid or grease. If you can, apply it on the outside of the rim.

Step 6: Put A New Tire On A Rim And Fit The Tire

The first thing you need to do when fitting the tire on the rim is to position the tire. Then simply push the tire downside. I know this will a little bit difficult task and take a little bit of time, but you can do it. If only pushing does not work then you can use a crowbar as well. After several attempts, you will be able to fit the tire on the rim. You are all set. Now just inflate the tire with this inflator and put back the tire to the car. Now you sure know how to remove a tire from a rim.

Final Verdict

I know this sounds like trouble but trust me, you can do it in less than 10 minutes. Just follow the steps and use your brain properly and you can do it simply. So I hope after reading this article, you will need no professionals to change your tire. Also, you will need no tire changing machine. This will save a lot of money of yours. And one good thing is this will burn some of your calories that will make your body stronger.

So overall, this will help you saving money, develop your health and finally save you in any kind of emergency situation in the middle of the road.

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Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

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