How To Install Beadlock Wheels – Step by Step

If you want to improve your vehicle’s off-road performance then the inexpensive, as well as the easiest way, is to diminish the tire pressure. By diminishing the pressure of your tire, you can increase the tire footprint effectively. This will help to disperse the weight of your vehicle over the ground down. This enhances the ability of the tire to conform to terrain that elevates the traction odds greatly.

However, in common wheel, you can air down between 11-15 PSI. Though this pressure is effective to improve off-road performance, it will not give you the full potential performance out of the tire. And when it comes to lightweight vehicles, you need to air down into a single digit in order to get full efficiency. Then what is the solution?

Here come the beadlock wheels.

Beadlock wheels enable you to enjoy full off-road performance out of your tire. These wheels can safely be run with extremely low pressure. It is designed such a way that it can lock one or both beads of the tire by using some locking elements.

By locking both beads, this diminishes the chances of losing the bead while running off-road in low pressure. Now the question is how to install or mount beadlock wheels?

Well, that is the topic of our article. In this article, I am going to write about how to install tires on beadlock wheels. So without further talk, let’s get started.

Step 1: Detach All The Parts

The first thing you need to do in order to install beadlocks is to detach all the parts. What parts? Well, when you purchase the beadlock wheel, it comes with all the necessary parts connected. Obviously, you cannot install the entire wheel with all these attached parts, right?


how to install beadlock wheels on atv

That is why you need to detach all the parts. In order to do that what you need to do first is to detach the beadlock wheel’s outer ring. You can do that by removing each of the bolts carefully.

Once you have done removing bolts, it is time to clean all bolts’ hole as well as the entire wheel thoroughly. You have to do bead this so that this dirt and debris do not cause any problem during installation.

Step 2: Position The Tire

The next thing you need to do is to set the wheel. Before that, you should spray some dish soap or oil or grease or lubricant around your tire’s inner bead so that it becomes more slippery and your installation becomes easier. Now push the tire over the beadlock wheel along with the beadlock side directing towards you.

Now we reach the most important part of this whole installation process. Once you have set up the tire over the wheel, you then position the edge of the bead opposite to the edge of the beadlock wheel’s mountain surface. The tire has to be rested against the mountain surface’s outer edge on all of the sides of the wheel equally.

Step 3: Re-install the Bolts

Ok, you have done positioning. Now your job is to re-install the bolts you have removed in the previous steps. Before doing that, you should lubricate the bolts to keep the threads from galling. You can do it with anti-seize lubricant.

A lot of people becomes confused in these steps, they ask that in which pattern they should install the bolts. My suggestion is to install the bolts in the X pattern. With the nut drivers, slowly tighten the bolts. I am suggesting the nut driver instead of any wrenches because, with the wrenches, the chances are high that you might over tighten the nuts.

how to install or mount beadlock wheels atv

After completing the four-bolt installation, re-check the inner bead that it is still placed perfectly around your tire. If you find out that everything is all right then install the rest of the bolts and if you find out that there is something wrong then remove the bolts and place the tire once again perfectly. After installing all the bolts, check the bead again.

Now, use a torque wrench and tighten all the bolts. Again, I am reminding you that you should not ever over tighten the bolts. To be surer, check the instruction which you will get from the manufacturer with the tire.

Step 4: Inflate your Tires

how to install or mount beadlock wheels atv

You are almost done. Now use a compressor and inflate your tires. One thing I want to mention here that, do not over inflate the tire. And if the valve system fails then try to cover the tire with a heavy towel or blanket.

Use dish soap water here so that you can protect the tire from hanging up on your rim. Completed. 

Final Verdict

Now, You know how to mount beadlock wheels on your ATV or UTV. However, you are completely ready to drive your vehicle off track. This is not that much tough work as you thought. It is pretty simple I say. Just you need to maintain extra caution during the installation.

So, I hope now you do not have any problem regarding the mount or installation of beadlock wheels on your vehicle.

Enjoy your off-track ride. Please feel free to contact me in case of any queries.

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