Difference Between Wheel And Rim – Explained!

Do you know the difference between wheel and rim? Are wheels and rims the same thing?

A lot of people out there who don’t know the difference. People often confused between those two. Some people also call the wheel ‘rim’ and the rim ‘wheel’.

Also, some people think that there are no differences at all. Those both are same. Since their locations are the same, they are made from the same materials and they have almost the same function. But, the truth is that there are a lot of differences between the rim and the wheel. Then what is the difference?

Well, the basic difference, if I tell you in simple word, is that rim is the outside edge of the wheel. And these two parts are connected, usually, by spokes. However, nowadays, spokes are not used anymore. There is a disc in order to connect the two part. Now let’s go to the broad discussion.

The Rim

Basically, the rim is a part of the wheel. It is the outer edge of the wheel. The location of this is the edge where the tire is attached to. Also, the word ‘rim’ has been coined as a slang word for customize or fancy wheels on the car.

This word is used by car lovers all around the world to describe a certain type of wheel. These kinds of specific types of rims are generally purchased as an aftermarket buy, and also they are customized for the only specific type of automobile.

Difference Between Wheel And RimWhen the word is used as slang, the rims are generally shiny, durable, alloy or chrome materials. Not all the people call these types of materials as a rim, some people call them ‘wheel’ sometimes instead. Though it is incorrect, the ‘rim’ is used to recite a standard company wheel on a truck, car or other sports utility.

The main job of the rim is to seal the tire and support it to the wheel. The rim is the thing that ensures that the tire is well fitted to the rim, and also it ensures the retaining of the air inside the tire that is tubeless.

The Wheel

On the other hand, Wheel is the part that rotates in order to allow the vehicle or other equipment moving. Basically, Wheel is the whole part. It includes tire and rim, I am talking about the car tire.

Difference Between Wheel And Rim


In order to be able to rotate, Wheels are connected by the axle through their center in parallel pairs. This rotating motion helps the car or vehicle or other equipment to move backward or forward, based on the rotation direction.

As you can see, There is a core difference between these two things.

Wheel and Rim Size

Besides, Wheels and rims come with a variety of sizes. The larger sized rims are very popular among the people who use sports car or other sports utility vehicle. The reason is that these larger rims make the car appear more customized as well as exclusive.

Also, these are popular for the area where the climate is warm and the weather is nice. The reason is it is tough to keep these rims clean.

Similarly, the wheel comes in large size as well. These larger wheels are popular and mostly used for off-road as well as winter weather areas. The reason is that larger wheels offer more safety in those kinds of situation. It makes the car easy to handle and safe to drive.

Final Verdict – What is The Difference?

Have you now understood what the basic differences between the wheel and rim are? Basically, the wheel is the thing that we call the wheel. And the rim is a part of the wheel that connects the tire to the rim. If I tell you in the simplest way then I will say that the rim is the total wheel except for the tire.

That means, without the tire, axle pin and bolts, the thing you see is the rim. And the whole thing I mean the rim, the tire, and all the bolts and pins together are called the wheel. I hope, now you are clear and have no confusion. And after now, you will not call the wheel and rim the same.

Please let me know if you have any concern.

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